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Chart-topping SEO podcast. SEO is a giant pain in the bum right? Full of jargon, snail oil salesmen and dodgy tactics. No! Search Engine Optimisation is 100% doable by normal humans and in this podcast award-winning SEO Educator Kate Toon chat with her expert guests about all things Googley including - DIY Optimisation tips and techniques - The latest SEO news and updates - Real life SEO case studies - Other related marketing tactics Find out more by Googling 'The Recipe for SEO Success'
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Dec 18, 2018

Google Tag Manager is every data lovers best friend. It’s been around for a while but many of us shy away from it due to fear of it being over techy. Can it really help me? Is it just for the big guys? What on earth is it really good for?


Today I’m talking to Nik Cree, the GTM master, about the insight and integration benefits of Tag Manager and how it can be an asset to your overall SEO and marketing strategy.


Tune in to learn:

  • What Google Tag Manager is
  • What GTM is useful for
  • How to access GTM
  • How to hook up GTM to your WordPress site
  • If you should remove other tagging plugins
  • Things GTM tracks
  • What Google Tag assistant is
  • The biggest problems users have with GTM
  • Tracking button clicks and video views
Dec 11, 2018

Dom Kimber is an SEO copywriter based on the Sunshine Coast, not only did she build her own website but she grappled the Google beast, boosting her knowledge and confidence.

In the Reality SEO series I interview REAL LIFE HUMANS for who’ve transformed their businesses with simple digital marketing and SEO techniques.

With practical doable tips and advice you can implement today.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Dom overcame her fear of SEO
  • How Dom built her own SEO friendly website and saved big bucks
  • Dom’s and Kate’s top tips on writing killer titles and meta descriptions
  • Dom’s number one tip for small business owners thinking about getting started with SEO.
Nov 20, 2018

It’s been a busy year in SEO land. With more algorithm updates than you can shake a stick at.
The Search Engine results pages are unrecogniseable, Google My Business gets sexier each and every day and conversational search is on the up, as we’re able to use pretty much every device in the house to browse the interwebs.

So how can us lowly small business owners, bloggers and ecommerce store owners prepare for the year ahead?

Can we peer into oh crystal balls and see what Google has in store?

Well today I’m talking with SEO guru Cyrus Shepard about what we should expect for Search in 2019.
So if you want to get ahead of the competition, this is the episode for you.

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of branded search
  • Schema and what you need to know
  • Is AMP here to stay
  • How can we take advantage of conversational search
  • What’s the deal with the ever changing SERPS
  • Why site architecture is still important
  • Is speed still important?
  • Do we need to build links in 2019?
Nov 20, 2018

Google loves to surprise and delight. It keeps us on our toes with surprise algorithm updates and plenty of features to help improve search. One of these additions is Google Optimise which came out a couple of years ago, but honestly I don’t think many people are using.

The big questions are “What on earth is it? And how is it useful to SEO?”

Today, Olga Summerhayes is joining me to answer both these questions and provide a map to help us navigate the world of Google Optimise.

Tune in to learn:

  • What Google Optimise is, when it was created and what it's useful for
  • How to access Google Optimise
  • Olga's 10-step Google Optimise process
  • Different tests you can do with Google Optimise
  • Working with A/B testing
  • Setting objectives
  • Targeting with Google Optimise
  • How to locate the results
  • Can you start it up again or do you have to recreate each time?
  • Google optimise 360 vs Google Optimise
  • Olga's top Google Optimise tips for best practice
Nov 13, 2018

Real life business owners explain their Digital Marketing secrets.

In my Reality SEO series I interview REAL LIFE HUMANS for who've changed their digital marketing for good and uses simple techniques to transform their business and brand.
These shorter episodes will include practical DOABLE advice for real life humans (not lofty abstract tips that require 40 hours a week of effort and a $100k budget).

Find out how by specialising and niching Donna transformed her business, reached the top of the rankings for her chosen keywords and now her phone WILL NOT STOP RINGING (seriously it rang 3 times during the podcast I had to make her sit on it).

Nov 6, 2018

Keyword research is essential to SEO, there ain’t no ifs or buts about it. However keyword research can feel like falling down the rabbit hole, blindly stumbling about, confused by the data and ending up choosing a random phrase out of sheer exhaustion.


Most of us know the basics. But what about the advanced techniques that the pros use?


Today I’m talking to Dido Grigorov on becoming advanced keyword research superstars. He’s going to show us how to find exactly what we need and how to avoid the rabbit hole..


Tune in to learn:

  • When detailed research is most important
  • Dido's process for determining synonyms and related phrases
  • How find find what keywords to target in a competitive market
  • Do free keyword tools really compete with paid tools?
  • Ranking for keywords on site with high competition
  • How do you balance catchy headlines with practical keywords?
  • Using primary and secondary keywords in titles
  • Using worldwide keyword data
Oct 23, 2018

Real life business owners explain their Digital Marketing secrets.

In my Reality SEO series I interview REAL LIFE HUMANS for who've transformed their businesses with simple digital marketing and SEO techniques.

With pratical doable tips and advice you can implememen today

Paula Glynn is an SEO and Digital Marketing strategist, who found that be really understanding how her customers talk, and reflecting that language back to them, she was able to rank higher, drive more traffic and convert more customers.

Oct 16, 2018


Content marketing can feel overwhelming, there's so much you can do, but what should you be doing?

Joining me today is Shannon Morrison, not only is he incredibly lovable he’s also a genius when it comes to all aspects of content marketing.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the content marketing pool or you’ve been attempting to swim in it for a while, this pod is for you.

Tune in to learn:

  • What content marketing is
  • How to find your audience
  • What goes into creating content
  • The types of content you can create
  • Top mistakes people make with developing content
  • Simple vs advanced content
  • Planning a good content approach
  • Developing a long term content strategy, including basic and advanced content options
  • How SEO factors into a content strategy
  • Helpful tools when developing content
Oct 2, 2018

Real life business owners explain their Digital Marketing secrets.

In my Reality SEO series I interview REAL LIFE HUMANS for who've transformed their businesses with simple digital marketing and SEO techniques.

These practical episode include real life advice for real life humans.

My third Reality SEO guest is Kate Merryweather

Kate has worked hard on her SEO to optimise her site, and one her biggest wins was reducing her site speed from a bloated 13 seconds to a lean mean speedy machine of 3 seconds.

Oct 1, 2018

Yoast is my favourite SEO plugin for WordPress.

I use it on all my business websites and yes, I have eight.

And I advise all my students to do the same. In my opinion, it's crucial for a great SEO strategy.
So why Yoast?

And what makes it great?

Today, we're going to find out some secret Yoast tips that you can use to boost your SEO because we are talking with the man himself, Joost from Yoast is here to answer questions and explain how to use Yoast to its full potential.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why Yoast is called Yoast
  • How Joost going into WordPress plugin Development
  • Why Joost thinks Yoast is the best SEO plugin
  • Why Yoast has so many effing updates!
  • Why the Traffic light system is not a golden bullet
  • How Yoast work with Google, the other big plugins and themes to ensure their updates work
  • Big changes coming to Yoast 9.0 with linguistic morphology features
  • Yoasts sexy new Gutenberg features
  • How Joost handles social media attacks
  • Who's speaking at the upcoming YoastCon event
  • What Joost thinks will be the big thing for SEO in 2019.
Sep 4, 2018

Real life business owners explain their Digital Marketing secrets.

So today I'm starting something new.

I'm interviewing REAL LIFE HUMANS for my podcast who've changed their digital marketing for good and uses simple techniques to transform their business and brand.
These shorter episodes will include practical DOABLE advice for real life humans (not lofty abstract tips that require 40 hours a week of effort and a $100k budget).

First off the rank Jenny De Lacy.

Jenny explains how some simple usability changes improved conversion on her home page, encouraged more sign ups to her lead magnet and ultimate drove more sales.

Sep 4, 2018

Nikola Minkov shares his best tips for implementing Schema

Schema. When I first heard about Schema I could feel the terror from my chest to the bottom of my bottom. What is Schema? Do I really need it? Can’t I just pretend it doesn’t exist?

Lucky for me, all my fears have been allayed as in this week’s pod Nikola Minkov breaks Schema down. We run through the A to Z of Schema, ways you can implement Schema now where you’re a beginner or a pro. If you feel the Schema terror or are simply intrigued and want some solid Schema strategies, this pod is for you.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Schema?
  • Why is Schema important?
  • What are the benefits of Schema markup?
  • Great Schema plugins
  • Are plugins or manual Schema best?
  • What is Google’s structured data testing tool?
  • Schema troubleshooting
  • Schema Q&A from the digital masterchefs.
Aug 14, 2018

Tim Capper answers our burning Local SEO questions

Local SEO and the mysterious local pack. We all yearn to crawl our way in and mostly, we fail. What is the secret to mastering local SEO?

In this week’s pod we put our burning Local SEO questions to the master. We run through the best strategies to make it into the local pack and how to widen your local search opportunities. If you’ve spent many night trying to conquer the beast that is Local SEO, this pod is for you.

Tune in to learn:

  • Can I optimise for “near me” searches?
  • How to compete with big city level searches
  • Is putting more than one suburb in title tags and meta descriptions a good idea?
  • How do I know if I’m ranking in the local pack?
  • The best way to differentiate Google My Business clicks to other click throughs to the website in Google Analytics
  • How to prepare for voice search queries
Jul 25, 2018
Since I started my pod, not one but 4 of the big SEO software companies have started their own podcasts.

They have money, high production values, teams, audio people, dancing girls and lazers.

I have me, in a hut, with a really annoying dog next door who never stops effing barking.

I've been sketchy with my schedule.
I've wondered if it's worth it.
I've had horrible bouts of imposter syndrome.

But today I got a huge boost because not only did the spokesperson for GOOGLE recommend my podcast, but one of the most popular SEO news sites published a link to my podcast.

It's reinvigorated me to keep on going with the pod. And to make some changes.


Jun 19, 2018

Practical tips for normal humans

As you’ll know, if you listened to the podcast with John Mueller, Google has moved to a mobile first index.

So what does this mean for you small business owner?

Must you burn your site to the ground and start again?

Must you pay big bucks to your website developer to do all the things?

Must your site be faster than a otter sliding down a greasy tube?

Well no, and yes. And a bit more no.

In this episode we’re going to pass on 10 easy ways to improve your site’s mobile optimisation.

So oil up your ears people, it’s going to be fun!

Tune in to learn:

  • What mobile first means
  • Why Mobile optimisation is a top priority for all businesses
  • Important tips to improve speed
  • How to make your site touch screen ready
  • How to handle font and contrast issues
  • The importance of usability
  • What to do with pop ups
  • Why click to call is essential
  • Great tools to test out your site
May 23, 2018

Learn the ins and outs of voice search and the potential for your business

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users like you and me to perform searches via a voice command. Voice search can be used with smartphones and other small web-enabled devices.

It’s hard to say exactly how many search queries are voice-based since Google doesn’t publish that exact information regularly.

But we do know that it’s rising and that soon, voice searches may represent the majority of total searches.

In this episode, I’m going to uncover everything there is to know about voice search and how it’s changing the world of SEO.

Tune in to learn:

  • What voice search is and how it works
  • Why voice searches are on the rise
  • The positives and negatives of voice search
  • How Google generates the results for voice searches
  • Will voice search completely change the market for normal SEO services?
  • Will voice search cause normal SEO services to eventually become obsolete?
  • How do you optimize website content for a voice search?
  • What is the next big thing for voice search?
May 7, 2018

We get the inside track from Google themselves

Google, it’s a mystery - right?
What the hell to they want from us?
What fiery hoops must we force our websites to jump through to meet their never-ending list of demands?

And why do they keep changing things?

But rather than pull your hair out and mutter swear words under your breath, I have a solution for you. We can ask GOOGLE what they’re up to.

That’s why I’m super super delighted to have John Mueller back on the show today for a Google Q&A.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why most websites don’t have the basics covered
  • John Mueller’s top recommendation for ecommerce stores to increase visibility on Google
  • The importance of the H1
  • What’s the best way for ecommerce sites to use Google My Business?
  • How big your service area should be
  • If Google will ever offer SEO certification
  • Whether Google has too much power
  • And other super important Google questions
Apr 9, 2018

Best practices and what it means for your business website

On Monday, March 26, 2018 Google announced that after a year and a half of careful experimentation and testing they’re migrating sites that follow best practices for mobile first indexing.

The much talked about Mobile first index is finally here.

But what does this mean for the average small business website owner?

How will this site affect their web traffic, and what changes do they need to make to their websites to ensure they maintain their rankings, today I’m talking with John Mueller from Google all about this momentous change.

Tune in to learn:

  • What does mobile first indexing mean
  • Why Google are making this change
  • What are the best practices for mobile first sites
  • What impact will mobile first have on the average business website owner
  • Is having a responsive site enough
  • How important is speed when it comes to mobile sites
  • And other super important Google questions

Mar 5, 2018

How to boost brand awareness and links with PR

You might not realise it but PR and SEO go together like jam and scones.

While some people like to keep their digital communications in neat little pots, the truth is that the lines are very much blurred these days.

If you can write a press release that generates real media coverage, it will boost your SEO efforts with traffic, awareness and those all-important links.

So how can small businesses and DIYers use PR to boost their SEO?

In this episode of the podcast I’m talking with Mez about how his agency uses press coverage and PR to build Google juice for their clients, and how you can too.

Tune in to learn:

  • What PR is
  • What influence outreach is
  • Why PR helps SEO
  • Mez’s tips for building media awareness
  • Mez’s tips for influence outreach
  • How Mez measures PR and SEO success

Feb 19, 2018

Okay, so it’s time to make big changes to your website.

Perhaps you want to move to a new platform.
Or finally change from HTTP to HTTPS.
Perhaps you’re changing your domain name.

While this might be great for business, it’s important to understand just how big of an impact a poorly managed site migration can have.

Get it wrong and you could take a big fat hit in the wiggly bits when it comes to site traffic.

So in this episode of the podcast I’m talking with Jason Munn about how to ensure your site migration goes without a hitch.

Tune in to learn:

  • The different types of site migrations
  • When is it a good idea to migrate
  • The possible impact of poor migrations
  • Jason’s top migration tips
  • Kate’s top migration tips

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Feb 5, 2018

So if you’re been studying SEO for any period of time you’re likely to have come across the phrase Domain Authority.

It’s a term coined by Moz, the SEO software company, and they use it as a metric of a site’s ability to rank against its competitors.

But while many swear that the concept of Domain Authority is real, many more assert there’s no evidence such a thing exists. In fact, you’ll find many of the more ranty SEO types getting really angry when it’s mentioned.

So in this episode of the podcast I’m talking with Ross Tavendale about Domain Authority, what it is, why it’s helpful and if it’s even real.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Domain Authority?
  • How you can use it to measure performance?
  • Whether Ross thinks DA is real?
  • What is SEO Juice?
  • Why do we need no follow links?
  • What is Page rank?
  • If DA is real, how do we build it?

Jan 22, 2018

Social media is so much fun, and such a giant time sucker.

But does it really have any impact on your Search Engine Optimisation and ability to rank?

Social signals and their importance in relation to rankings is something that’s been hotly debated for years.
There are lots of people is the YES camp and about the same number in the NO camp.

In today’s episode, we’re going to dig a bit deeper into the relationship between social media and SEO. And I hope that by the end of the episode, we’ll be able to be 100% clear on whether social media metrics have a direct impact on rankings.

So, if you’re a Facebook fan, Instagram addict or Pinterest tragic. This is the episode for you.

Tune in to learn:

  • Does social media directly influence rankings?
  • What do SEOs mean when they talk about causation and correlation?
  • Do links from social media count as much as links from a regular website?
  • Does the number of followers I have on Instagram, or Facebook influence how Google sees my website?
  • How can I use Twitter to boost my SEO?
  • Does posting on Google+ help improve my ranking?
  • How do I optimise my social profiles for SEO?
  • Is traffic a ranking factor?
  • Does boosting posts help?
  • Does using scheduling for social media posts hurt SEO?
  • How can we use social media to improve our SEO?
Jan 9, 2018

Why you need a fast site, not an AMP site

These days, everyone in the SEO cafeteria is talking AMP, AMP, AMP.

It’s been around for a time, and while some earlier pioneers have tried to make it work (me), many failed (also me) and have given up.

So, when I saw the title of Jon Henshaw’s presentation at the recent Brighton SEO event ‘ FORGET AMP. MAKE FAST SITES', I thought my prayers had been answered! No need for AMP?

That’s why, today, I have Jon on the show to give us the low down on AMP and speeding up websites.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is AMP?
  • Why AMP might not be great for your website
  • Why we need fast sites
  • What’s the ideal loading time
  • Advanced site speed improvement tips
  • How to improve your site’s images
  • How improving your site’s UX can help speed things up
  • What is prefetch and how does it help
  • What is Gzip and how does it help
  • Jon’s favourite site speed testing tools
Jan 3, 2018

Today, I want to talk about my SEO predictions for 2018.



  • What’s going to happen in the world of Google?
  • What should you as business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, word press developers, copywriters and marketeers.
  • What should you be concentrating on?
  • And what will I be focusing my efforts on for my six, or is it seven, websites in 2018?