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Chart-topping SEO podcast. SEO is a giant pain in the bum right? Full of jargon, snail oil salesmen and dodgy tactics. No! Search Engine Optimisation is 100% doable by normal humans and in this podcast award-winning SEO Educator Kate Toon chat with her expert guests about all things Googley including - DIY Optimisation tips and techniques - The latest SEO news and updates - Real life SEO case studies - Other related marketing tactics Find out more by Googling 'The Recipe for SEO Success'
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Dec 21, 2021
This episode is a rerun - while I take a much-needed break from the pod, keep your SEO skills sharp by checking out one of my favourite episodes.

9 experts share their best advice for 2019
I was lucky enough to present at Yoastcon in the Netherlands, so thought I’d do a special live episode interviewing all the smart people there and asking them their number one Digital Marketing tip for this year

Many of these awesome humans will also appear on future episodes of the podcast so stay Tooned for those episodes too.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is DSA?
  • How to find out what’s holding your customers back
  • What’s the most important aspect of branding?
  • What are progressive web apps?
  • How digital marketing is converging.
  • Why you need to get rid of some of your pages
  • Why you need to take a step back to look at your values
  • Why page speed still matters
  • What’s the biggest thing with WordPress site’s coming up?
  • Why it’s better to follow the path less trodden

Show notes:


Dec 7, 2021
This episode is a rerun - while I take a much-needed break from the pod, keep your SEO skills sharp by checking out one of my favourite episodes.

Let’s be honest, most of us are scared of SEO agencies.
We’ve heard too many horror stories.

Of people being bamboozled, misled, ripped off, and left with sites riddled with dodgy backlinks, poor optimisation, and woeful rankings.

So what do we do?
How can we learn to trust SEO agencies again, and more importantly how can SEO agencies Suck less.

Today, I’m chatting with Mathew Cocciardi, who was a little burned by his SEO agency experience – and sharing some hot tips on how to ensure, if you’re looking for an agency, you find a good one.
And if you are an agency you sustain a good reputation.

Tune in to learn:

  • What led Mathew to seeking an SEO agency for help
  • What you should have set up before contacting an agency for SEO assistance
  • The key things to look for when choosing an SEO agency
  • How important is it for you as a customer to know SEO terminology
  • “Red flag jargon” you should look out for
  • How you can participate in the ongoing process
  • The best way to know your money is being spent well
  • Alternate models: What they are and the benefits of each


Nov 23, 2021
This episode is a rerun - while I take a much-needed break from the pod, keep your SEO skills sharp by checking out one of my favourite episodes.

International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.

Most of us struggle with getting to rank locally, so do we really need to care about international SEO?

Well if a good share of your website visitors are coming from a different country to where you’re located then it might be the right time to think global.

In this episode I’ll be chatting with Nitin Manchanda - an International SEO expert, about everything we need to know to get our global SEO in tip-top condition.

Tune in to learn:

  • When should you worry about international SEO.
  • How to structure your site for International SEO best practice.
  • What is Geotargeting and how should you be using it.
  • What to look out for when formatting your site for a country.
  • Which signals Google uses to understand the countries you’re targeting.
  • The importance of backlinks on international SEO.
  • Tips on how to win links in other countries.
  • How to handle local search engines like Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China.
  • Tips on international SEO for e-commerce businesses.
  • What are the biggest mistakes businesses make with International SEO.
  • The best ways to measure your international SEO success.

Show notes:

Nov 9, 2021
I was lucky enough to score an interview with one of my all-time SEO heroes, Mr. Rand Fishkin from
  • I asked him a heap of useful small business SEO questions, and yes, even asked how he felt being an SEO heartthrob!
  • Is it possible for small businesses to DIY their SEO?
  • Other than Moz and of course the Recipe for SEO Success, what are your other favourite SEO education websites? Resources?
  • What are you top five tools that every search marketing or digital marketing business type must use?
  • If you only had a few hours a week to spare in which to focus on SEO and marketing, what would you spend it doing? Building links or creating content?
  • There are only so many phrases and only 10 spots on the first page. Does there come a point where SEO just won’t work in a crowded market?
  • What role do spelling mistakes play in SEO, would having lots of typos in your copy impact your potential to rank?
  • Why is it so hard to rank for a keyword with a new page when you’re already ranking for it with an existing one?
  • Does social media impact my ranking? And which social media channel should I invest my time in?
  • What tips for an AU business wanting to appear in the US rankings?
  • How will live streaming affect SEO?
  • Do weak pages on your site damage the strong pages, should I kill off all my weak pages?
  • What was the one business decisions (mistakes) that you wish you could go back and change?
  • The truth is you’re a little bit of a heartthrob for many female (and possibly male) SEO types. How do you cope with that kind of attention?

Show notes:





Oct 26, 2021
If you have any suggestions for guests or topics for next year, email, fill out the contact form on, or leave a comment in the I LOVE SEO Facebook group.


Oct 12, 2021
In my Reality SEO episodes, I like to focus on real humans grappling with the Google beast, and Digital Marketing.

Yes, I get lots of marketing professionals, copywriters, and web developers passing through my slippery funnel of courses and resources, but I also get real business humans.

Today we’re talking to Bec Slack, a former student of the Recipe For SEO Success Course, a member of the Digital Masterchefs, and an online educational toy store co-owner.

We’ll talk about the challenges she faced taking on a pre-existing business, and if learning SEO and Digital Marketing for a toy store is all fun and games.


Sep 28, 2021
Ever wondered how Google takes your crazy search query and spits out pages and pages of relevant content?

It’s all in the words, my friend.

You might even say that words are the KEY.

And that’s why today we’re revisiting the topic of Keyword Research.

Much overlooked, much misunderstood, much avoided – Solid Keyword research underpins every aspect of your website structure, your content, your customer journey, and your conversions.

Understanding concepts like user intent, volume, traffic, click-through rate, keyword difficulty, and knowing when it’s best to go short or go long is all part of your SEO strategy.

So today we’re going to dig deep into smart keyword research, and how to get the right audience to your website.

An audience that engages, and buys.


Tune in to learn:

  • What a keyword is
  • The difference between short and long-tail keywords
  • Why you should rank for hundreds of keywords, not just one
  • Different keyword list brainstorming techniques
  • Narrowing it down: how to settle on your chosen keywords
  • What keyword grouping is, and how to find your focus keyword
  • Best methods: research a mega list of keywords for your site, or focus on a page by page (or product by product) basis
  • Ranking myths: Why using the same keyword on every page won’t necessarily help you rank for it
  • Ranking myths: Why you don’t need to use “near me” as a keyword in title tags and on page to rank for Near me searches.
  • Handy keyword research tools to save you time
  • Kristal’s top keyword research tips


Sep 14, 2021
Welcome to another Reality SEO episode, where I take the time to focus on real humans grappling with the Google beast, and Digital Marketing.

Of course, I love to help all kinds of business humans, but one of my favourite types to help are e-commerce store owners.

Because secretly, I long to have a shop.

I mean I have 3 already, but they don’t sell real things, like pottery hedgehogs or homemade soup.

But Keneena Fanning does have a real shop - Kablooie!

And today we’re going to learn all about it and discuss the highs and lows of walking her fashion label down the SEO runway.

Aug 31, 2021
Do you love tracking trends, dissecting data, or rolling in results?

Then I’ve got a treat for you.

Today is all about Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, a free platform that gives you the awesome ability to see the data Google sees and tracks for your website or app.

While I find it easy to get lost in data-tracking, it can be difficult to know what is worth paying attention to, and what’s just a long list of numbers.

So let us go forth and learn which parts of the Google-beast we can turn into juicy, flavourful SEO nuggets and rich content marketing strategy bites.


Tune in to learn:

  • What Google Search Console is all about
  • Why the data is so valuable for our businesses
  • How to use the data to gain a competitive advantage
  • How to use the information to target different stages of the buying journey
  • Three areas of GSC you should be looking at
  • How to use the new GSC insights feature
  • How to use the data to create content for frequently asked questions
  • Noah’s top Google Search Console tips


Aug 17, 2021
In my Reality SEO episodes, I like to focus on real humans grappling with the Google beast, and Digital Marketing.

Yes, I get lots of marketing professionals, copywriters, and web developers passing through my slippery funnel of courses and resources, but I also get real business humans.

And sometimes my courses and resources have the power to turn normal business humans into digital marketing beasts!

As so with Crystal Wong, a kindred SEO-loving soul.

Today we’re talking to Crystal about how she went from working as a Pharmacist to an SEO consultant, and the challenges she’s faced along the way.

Jul 20, 2021
When was the last time you checked out your Google My Business profile?
Now this is not a set-and-forget project, people.

Much like planting a bushy hedge, your GMB listing needs love and attention.

Sometimes you need to prune back old images, or shape it into your new branding, fertilise it with a few fresh posts, or spruce it up with a nice flowering promo.

Occasionally you get pests or spammy reviews, and you need to know the best way to treat them, organically of course.

Is the bush analogy wearing thin yet? I don’t think so.

Anyhow, today we're going to be looking into some of the common questions that arise and how to make your Google My Business profile bushy and flourishing.


Tune in to learn:

  • How smart businesses are using their Google My Business listings to stay on top and win more business
  • Why your business may not be showing up in GMB
  • How to stay in Google’s good books by following the Google My Business Compliance Guidelines
  • How to tackle spammy listings and reviews
  • What to do if a genuine review is removed by Google
  • How to reinstate your listing if it has been suspended


Jul 6, 2021
What do you think about when you think about brand?

A sexy colour palette, logo, a particularly snazzy font?

Obviously, branding is way more than that.

But it's amazing how much the colours, or logos we use can impact how our customers see us.

And of course, there's actually a psychology behind branding that uses science to match your brand, to your business goals, and your mindset.

And if you get strategic about your brand, it can of course build a bulging bank balance.

So today we're straying slightly away from the SEO path to talk about brand psychology.


Tune in to learn:

  • What brand psychology is
  • How to use science to make your brand more appealing
  • How your brainpower and senses impact your brand and business
  • How multiple senses can be used in marketing
  • Why it’s vital to be consistent in your branding
  • How science influence the colours and fonts in your brand
  • Lisa’s top tips on branding


Jun 22, 2021
Pinterest, remember that? I used to use it yonks ago to plan my kid’s birthday party, or to mood board my latest decorating project.

But I never took it seriously from a business point of view.
And maybe I should have done.

For those living in a hole, Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to “pin” images and articles to their board.

People set up boards for anything from outfits to holiday destinations, makeup ideas, to dream cars.

But as well as a fun way to be creative, it can also be an incredible business tool for getting all kinds of products and services found online.

So this week we’re pinning our hopes on our Pinterest expert to tell us how to use this platform to boost our website traffic and our sales.


Tune in to learn:

  • Pinterest: What it is, who uses it, and how long it’s been around.
  • What makes Pinterest so valuable to businesses
  • How Pinterest can work for your service-based business
  • What being a Pinterest SEO means
  • Algorithms: Pinterest vs Google
  • How to get started on Pinterest today
  • Simone’s tips for optimising your Pinterest account
Jun 8, 2021
Grappling the Google SEO beast takes time and effort, I know.

Once we’ve started our journey we need to check our progress and build on our success.

Measuring progress means we usually check loads of data and all the data lives in different places.]

You know, the kind where you have 25 tabs open and your computer is starting to ooze smoke.

Then we have to spend ages trying to make sense of it all.

Before we know it, we’re down the SEO data rabbit hole. Or if you’re like me, you give up and go and fiddle with Instagram instead.

So imagine if there was a tool that could pull all your relevant SEO data into one place.

A tool that allowed you to see all the information you need to know quickly and easily.

You’d finally have the SEO superpowers you need to make useful, strategic decisions about your marketing efforts.

Well, that tool exists and today we are talking about it.

Get ready!


Tune in to learn:

  • Why SEO data is important to your business
  • Which core metrics you should be looking at
  • Which SEO tools will give you the data you need
  • How to create a strategic Google Search Console SEO report
  • How Supermetrics can save you time, make better business decisions so you can focus on the right stuff
  • How to set up with Supermetrics, and what kind of reports it delivers
  • How useful running Google Ads alongside your SEO strategy is
  • Anna’s tip for analysing your SEO data and making good marketing decisions


May 25, 2021
Do you have a website?


Give yourself a little pat on the bottom. You could already be on Google’s radar.


Because building a website is one thing, but building an SEO-friendly website is quite another.

Today I’m talking about WordPress websites and avoidable SEO mistakes I often see.

Mistakes that kill your flow of Google juice and ruin your customer karma.

I’ll take you through what to avoid, how to fix past errors, and how to ensure you have a good flow of Google love to your site.


Tune in to learn:

  • What is WordPress and why is it awesome?
  • The most common mistakes we see with WordPress websites
  • How to fix those SEO errors
  • WordPress themes that help avoid mistakes
  • Things to know about Gutenberg and WordPress
  • More about WordPress website technical audits and support


May 11, 2021
So perhaps you’re a new business considering taking the plunge into the Shopify pool.

Or maybe you’ve taken that leap off the diving board, and are already splashing about and wondering if your Shopify site is really up to scratch.

And no matter what you’re selling – whether it’s fun pool floaties, funky garden gnomes, or eco-friendly fashion –  you know you need to rank well on the search engines to reach new customers.

So today I’ll be chatting with my favourite Shopify proKerri Bennett, and we’ll be covering the top ten mistakes people make on Shopify and how you can avoid them.


Tune in to learn:

  • What Shopify is
  • The importance of choosing the right theme
  • Why your theme needs to be mobile-friendly
  • What benefits Shopify has over WordPress
  • How to navigate the app store
  • Why you should be putting more attention into your collection pages
  • How many H1’s are the right amount.
  • What steps you should be taking for SEO
  • Why bigger isn’t necessarily better with your images
  • When you should upgrade your theme version.
  • How to preserve your theme before adding new apps or changes.


Apr 27, 2021
Tik Tok. It’s the widely talked about short-form video sharing platform.

Most think it’s for bright young things, who can dance about and skateboard off high things.

While it’s mostly known for dance-trends and lip-syncing videos, and being as addictive as sugar-water to a manic hummingbird on a hot summer day.

It’s also hugely powerful for business.

IF… you know what you’re doing.

Today we’re straying from the SEO path to talk Tik Tok and how you can use this to your advantage.


Tune in to learn:

  • Tiktok: What it is, and how it can help your business
  • What makes Tiktok unique from other video-sharing platforms
  • How secure Tiktok is, and alternatives (eg. Reels)
  • How to get started making your first TikTok
  • Advice for getting your videos seen
  • How product and service based businesses can appeal to their audiences
Apr 13, 2021
Do you have a crystal ball?
Or a set of runes?
Or are you pretty dang good at deciphering tea-leaf patterns in your mug?

No? Well if you can’t see the future, how are you going to predict the future of your marketing campaigns?

How are you going to forecast results?

So many humans are blindly executing SEO campaigns, and crossing their toes and bum cheeks for results.

But today I’m talking to one of the SEO greats about how to use human ingenuity, apps, and insight to foresee the traffic your SEO efforts will bring to your website.


Tune in to learn:

  • What SEO forecasting means
  • Where to start when planning an eCommerce SEO campaign.
  • The two main ways to increase your site traffic.
  • Tips to get more clicks on existing results with Click Through Rate (CTR) Optimisation.
  • How you can project CTR-based traffic increases.
  • How you can project future financial gain, and which tools can help.
  • How seasonality can affect your projections.
  • The differences between projecting for service-based businesses and eCommerce businesses.


Mar 30, 2021
Ah those pesky Search Engine Results Pages, they seem to change every single day.

And working out what is what can be incredibly confusing for the newbie, and even the oldbie.

Today we’re going to take you through it.
Step by step.
Element by element.

We’ll name them, explain them and tell you how to optimise for them.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be a SERP Pro!


Tune in to learn:

  • Which factors impact personalisation.
  • The increase in ads on Google.
  • Different Snippet types and how to nab them.
  • What the local pack is and how it’s influenced by user location.
  • What the knowledge graph panel is,
  • Which searches spawn a knowledge graph panel
  • Alan’s tips for creating a combo with your title tag, meta description, and URL that drive ranking and click-through.


Mar 16, 2021
Every now and again I like to stray from the SEO path and talk about other types of Digital Marketing.

Because of course, they all help improve your SEO.

This week it’s a solo episode, with just me, myself, and I, and I want to discuss the new kid on the social media app block.


Some of you may already have dipped your toe in the Clubhouse pond, only to discover it’s full of willy-waving 7-figure entrepreneurs, and heart-centred coaches talking about authentic brands.

Some of you might have discovered amazing new connections and chums to banish the loneliness.

Or perhaps you think it’s a social media app too far and really can’t be arsed.
Or you’re on Android and just have to wait.

But in this episode, I'm going to give you the ultimate guide to Clubhouse.

How to get started, how not to let it take over your life, and how to turn it to your digital marketing advantage.


Tune in to learn:

  • What is Clubhouse?
  • The language and etiquette of the platform
  • How to get started
  • How to write your bio
  • How to moderate a room
  • How to start a club and moderate a room
  • Who to follow
  • How to improve your Clubhouse confidence
  • How to use Clubhouse to build your brand


Mar 2, 2021
In the world of digital marketing, there are oodles of people promoting their SEO services.

Some promise overnight, top-ranking results like a bad pimple-cream ad.
“One-time application, the results will shock you!”

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Some will tell you what you want to hear, with the hope that you won’t actually look into the results too closely.

So how do you find a solid, trustworthy SEO Agency?
How much SEO knowledge should you have before hiring one?

Today I’m going straight to the source to get the inside scoop from a real, live founder of an SEO agency.


Tune in to learn:

  • What services SEO agencies provide
  • How Alex went from an SEO newbie to founder of a digital growth consultancy.
  • Common misconceptions about SEO agencies
  • How competitive the world of SEO Agencies is
  • What to look for in a reputable agency
  • Red flags to avoid in SEO services providers
Feb 16, 2021
In my Reality SEO episodes, I like to focus on real humans grappling with the Google beast and Digital Marketing.

Yes I get lots of marketing professionals, copywriters, and web developers passing through my slippery funnel of courses and resources, but I also get real business humans

Or those who, while they may know how to run a successful business, have studiously avoided dealing with the marketing side of things.

This week I’m talking to Gavin Hodgins, a Recipe course graduate and member of my mentoring community, the Digital Masterchefs.

Gavin runs FloatPac and Floating Solar, and prides himself on being the kind of CEO that gets involved in every level of operations.

Today we’re talking about Gavin’s ongoing relationship with digital marketing, the highs, the lows, and how he’s kept the passion alive all these years.

Feb 14, 2021
Google has been making headlines here in Australia, the news corporations aren’t happy about the way they pull their stories into the SERPS, and they want a cut of the profit pie.

Google is so far saying no, you want us to pay? We’ll go away.

So what would happen if Google left Australia?

In today’s bonus episode, recorded as a Facebook live in my I LOVE SEO group, I talk about this conflict between Google, the Australian Government, and news websites, and how this affects every business online, including yours.


Tune in to learn:

  • Why news sites are unhappy with Google
  • Why Google might pull their services from Australia, and what will happen if they do
  • Why you should do more for your site than just SEO
  • Why you should diversify your digital marketing across different platforms
  • Why you need to build brand recognition by getting your brand seen and heard across the web
  • Why having back-up marketing strategies is vital


Feb 2, 2021
Google Analytics can feel just a little bit yawn.

Yes, you set it up yonks ago.

And maybe poke around once in a while.

But really?

You’re not doing anything with the data.

In this week’s episode, we’re going to dig deep into Google Analytics, the important metrics, and reports that actually matter.

But more importantly, we’re going to chat about how to interpret the data and turn it in to… yes you guessed it, ACTION!


Tune in to learn:

  • What is data analytics?
  • Best practice tips to make the most of your Google Analytics setup.
  • Which metrics you should pay attention to.
  • How to make the most of the Google UTM URL Builder to better track your online activities.
  • Why it is important to use analytics to track your own marketing efforts.
  • Understanding marketing attribution and the multi-channel funnel attribution tool.


Jan 19, 2021
So usually around this time of year, I do an SEO predictions podcast.

But you know what I’m over it, the world and their rabbit has an SEO podcast these days, and everyone does a predictions podcast, so no.

It’s not happening here.

And also the predictions are always the same.

Voice search will be bigger.
Optimise for EAT.
SERPs will change.
Schema blah blah blah.

Obviously, we have the page experience update coming in May 2021 but we’ve covered that in our episode with Peter and we’ll do more around that time.

And here’s another thing. The more SEO changes the more it stays the same.

And most people (and yes I know it’s not all) are not even getting the basics right, so there’s no need for them to get sweaty about all the complex next-level stuff.

In this episode to kick off 2021, I’m speaking to one of my fave SEO experts (and one of the few funny ones) Cyrus Shepard about why we should get back to basics with SEO.


Tune in to learn:

  • Why simple SEO factors matter, and which should come first
  • Whether you should target keywords
  • What “fresh” content is
  • Why unique content is still important
  • The purpose of crawlability, crawl budgets, and 404 redirects
  • How relevant backlinks are to Google


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